As long as I can remember dolls have been a vital part of my life, Brown Like Me, BLACK DOLLS MATTER

Founder/CEO Mark Ruffin & his doll.

Brown Like Me

As long as I can remember, dolls have been a vital part of my life. In this photo, I am seen with my first “brown like me” doll, during nap time. The same doll was used by doctors Mamie and Kenneth Clark to conduct the doll test. My doll and I were inseparable until one day my brother made it fly up to the rooftop never to be seen again. I often wonder if the absence of my brown like-me doll was the reason why I set forth my intention to manifest a place where black dolls would always be found, loved, and celebrated. Looking at this photograph makes me smile and reminds me of how crucial it is to allow children to play and simply be themselves.