Our Story

Black Dolls Matter is a manufacturer and online retailer of black and multi-ethnic dolls, apparel, and accessories. 

Born out of his passion for dolls, love for his community, and desire to improve doll testing results. Daytime Emmy award-winner Mark Ruffin launched Black Dolls Matter as a social media campaign aimed at building self-esteem, self-love, and positive self-image in children of all ages. Ruffin produced BDM doll-sized tee-shirts to expand the campaign’s reach. The result of the call was the response of images created by customers who photographed their dolls in BDM tee-shirts then uploaded them to social media from locations around the globe including Africa, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Today, #blackdollsmatter has been tagged in social media posts over 40,000 times.

Black Dolls Matter products, website, live events, and social media pages unite to cultivate a positive impact on how African Americans see themselves, their community, and the perception of their community in the world.