The Evolution of Ken

It appears that Barbie isn’t the only one to evolve with new body and face sculpts. Ken too has under gone an exciting transformation of his own. The 15 new men called Ken are now available in classic, broad and slim body types. Wonderful shades of brown vinyl used in conjunction with contemporary hair styles are exciting. The skinny jeans, fun foot wear and board shorts are fantastic. Overall we love the Fashionistas crew!

New Barbie Fashionistas!

We love Mattel Toys Barbie Fashionistas line for a myriad of reasons in particular the latest editions to the collection to be released later this year. The life like natural hair styles, fashionable attention to detail and affordable price point make these dolls highly desirable for child’s play doll and the adult doll collector.

Christie: The Dream of a Dream House

Christie: The Dream of a Dream House

In 1968 the Mattel Toy Company introduced  Talking Christie to the market. Even though she was the first Black 11.5″ fashion doll she didn’t have any clothes or dream house of her own. Luckily she had a friend named Barbie who had a home she could visit and lots of outfits to borrow. In 1970 Christie met Brad and together they lived a life of playtime bliss. The frequent visits to the dream house and pool were playful and fun. However, Christie and Brad desired more. Through the years there have been other incarnations of Christie and Brad but never a dream house, car or commemorative gift set to mark their contribution to the world of play. Christie laid the foundation for new generations of African-American fashion dolls. Today, my Christie is without her beloved Brad. She is never lonely because she is surround by a community that loves and appreciates her. We celebrate Christie as she stands with her brothers and sisters in formation. Together they proclaim Black Dolls Matter!