, Making Progress, BLACK DOLLS MATTER

When I decided to embark on the Black Dolls Matter social media campaign just about seven years ago black dolls were difficult to find, even harder to get, and hardly produced. Consumers had to resort to what I call extreme measures by petitioning manufacturers to produce black dolls for the mass market. Back then when I was a designer at a toy company I suggested including a black doll in a blue sky meeting, I was immediately met with “black dolls don’t sell”.

Today, large manufacturers of dolls boast that their company has the most diverse doll lines in the world. Finally, these manufacturers are seeing the light and delivering black and multi-ethnic dolls to the marketplace while increasing the bottom line. We are moving up the road but aren’t home yet although it’s great to see what we know for sure. Black Dolls Matter and are essential and important in the lives of children of all ages.